Hi, you! Great to see you on my website. Just look around and if you are interested in my art, please get in contact with me.

Poster with text Angelia Jolie

Welcome on my website. This is the home-page of Geenart!

I would like to share my work with you, keep you posted on what I’m working on or show you around in what I already made. For example I make portraits of people or I share random sketches.

I also like to work with a purpose. Something I really like to do is making a poster with different subjects about a person. For example as a gift for a twenty-one dinner or any other special moment. You can fill in a contact email with your wishes about the colors or the size etc. After filling in the list, I will make a first design for you.

I work with a consistent prize by size. So look around and feel free to contact me if you’re curious. You can find my email in – contact.

Up here you see one of my most popular posters, Angelina Jolie in A1 size with a famous quote of her. You can find any further information about this serie in – Women’s Wisdom.

Would you like to know more about my background? Look around here: https://akademievogue.nl I have followed the course called: Media styling and fashion. This course learned me all about graphic designs, webdesign, the fashion industry and in specific to grow in my own style.

Down here you can follow me or look around on my instagram-feed